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  • Monday, August 20th

  • Lunch specials served from 11am-4pm, Mon.-Sat.

  • Sautéed coconut curry shrimp served with brown rice and mixed veggies $12.99

    Spring salad with your choice of fried ore sautéed shrimp $14.29

    Lobster roll served with slaw and fries $19.99

    Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, fries and slaw
    Single $7.99 Double $9.99

    Fried shrimp roll served with fries and slaw $10.99

    Fried fish sandwich served with a bowl of lobster bisque $11.09

    Fried 2-way combination of fish and clam strips served with fries and pslaw $13.99

  • Feeding Frenzy Apparel

  • 2018 T-Shirts have arrived!! Come in and check out the newest designs! SM-XL $6.99 2XL & 3XL $8.99